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Personal Training Package 

At CommLink, we understand the needs and difficulties of running a business as a personal trainer. We know about the early mornings and late nights, your back to back appointments, leaving you with no time to do your administrative work. That admin, although vital, tends not to be your priority and so builds up and up until it becomes a huge pile that is too daunting to cope with. We know this because of our experience in providing services to personal trainers, in fact this package was designed by one!

 So what can CommLink do for you?

CommLink offers a range of business centre services, but essentially what we can do is offer you a sound opportunity to keep in touch with all of your clients and on top of your administration.

Our approach has been to develop a bespoke Personal Trainer Package to fit with the demands of your business, integrating and embedding our services so that they connect with the requirements of your clients. Our superior systems, skills and processes are designed to be flexible – you don’t change anything, we do all the work to take your administrative strain with minimal disruption to you.

We have bought together a solution to save you time, to allow you to spend the time you would normally take on admin on other more productive, revenue generating activities.

Group Exercise Booking

If your customers would like to book a group exercise session, then all they have to do is phone us and we’ll book them in. Prior to the class we’ll email you a list of those attending. We are able to take whatever customer details you require to hold the appointment, so if they fail to turn up without adequate notice, you will be able to charge a fee and avoid losing money. Hopefully this will ensure attendance and you won’t be wasting time chasing up absent customers. Standby lists are also available if required.

Customer Enquiries

What happens if you are already with a client and unable to take a call?  We can provide a landline number for your customers to call, receive emails on your behalf, pre-qualify any enquiries and book customers in for sessions. We can also take a credit card number or bank details to sign customers up for payment, explaining your particular rules on attendance and fees to ensure that those who want to train with you will attend.


The best way to ensure a client pays you is by direct debit. We can send out a direct debit mandate, ask your customer to complete and return it to us. We will set up a payment schedule and then debit the account at the appropriate time.


We can provide a service that ensures your customer receives an email and/or text message, 36 hours prior to an appointment. This will help to remind them of their appointment along a number to call if they wish to cancel.


If a customer would like to cancel an appointment, we will take the call re-book, if required, using the diary management system we offer. All you need to do is let us know the details of your cancellation policy.

You can get in touch with our Business Development Manager, Samantha Whitehead,to discuss your requirements using any of the contact methods below.


Samantha Whitehead

Business Development Manager

0844 449-6044


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