Energy Care


EnergyCare uses CommLink’s inbound call centre services to deliver high quality customer service and increase the sales of its portfolio of products, all in a cost-effective manner.

EnergyCare Group offers its customers a wide range of energy saving, low carbon products. As a company they are focused on improving energy efficiency in a vast majority of homes in England and Scotland.

Their vision is to become a high profile supplier in the UK Energy Saving market, with an emphasis on delivering Green deal and ECO grant funded products which can meet the needs of the general public.

“CommLink’s expertise in managing Customer Services for our marketing is a vital component of our business. The partnership delivers a high quality, effective and consistent service and will remain fully part of our plans for the future”

Mr. Adam Malia, Director, EnergyCare

The Challenge

EnergyCare’s aim is to provide customers with products tailored to their specific needs, in areas where Government/Energy Company funding is available. To provide such a wide variety of energy saving products, and to support and respond to all of the marketing projects required, is an enormous task. EnergyCare needed a versatile partner capable of providing a robust customer query and appointment booking service in a cost-effective fashion. As more competitors appear in their market, EnergyCare’s success is reliant on their flexibility and speed of response. This meant that they also needed a partner with the ability to adapt and expand along with their expected marketing campaigns.

The Solution

When EnergyCare opted to outsource their Marketing response, CommLink quickly provided them with experienced and highly trained agents, resulting in a seamless and interruption-free transition. Over a 7-year relationship, the service has grown from simple out of hours message-taking for around two hundred calls per month to a full 24×7 service handling over a thousand calls per day. CommLink support EnergyCare with reliable, high-quality and consistent services supporting a wide range of products and campaigns, including:

– Qualifying Leads and Booking Appointments

– Customer Queries/Advice

Handling both voice calls and emails, CommLink’s multi-skilled agents have given EnergyCare much more flexibility by providing a bespoke service that changes and develops with EnergyCare’s extensive marketing campaigns and high growth.

The Result

EnergyCare and CommLink work together as a partnership, consistently achieving agreed business objectives and levels of service. CommLink are always willing to adapt their service to meet EnergyCare’s requirements, constantly seeing the success of EnergyCares campaigns as their highest priority.